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19 April 2017

Greater Manchester continues to engage with partners on climate resilience and the RESIN project

In December 2016, a refreshed Climate Change and Low Emissions Implementation plan was launched. This plan is owned by the Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub, a board of public, private, voluntary, university and government representatives.

The RESIN project was very pleased to be invited, along with Greater Manchester’s 100 Resilient Cities initiative, to present jointly on these two closely aligned projects and on progress and next steps around a range of climate resilience issues and actions.

Very positively, there was a real recognition of both the importance of critical infrastructure resilience and the urban systems approach of RESIN. There was also a clear desire to see genuine action on the issue of climate and wider resilience issues. But whilst the efforts of both these projects were making at tackling these were welcomed, a clear frustration was communicated around the complexity of the issues and the other barriers which slow or even stop practical action occurring.

But the strong support and recognition of the issues from around the room, particularly from water and energy utility representatives, will positively help the GM RESIN team continue to progress its work over the summer. This includes following up on the 2 Impact Chains now produced (one for pluvial flooding to road transport infrastructure and the other on the impact of extreme heat/drought on the functionality of GM’s green infrastructure. Similarly, the wider GM Critical Infrastructure Risk assessment planned for the next 6 months will have senior and cross sector support from the board members and their organisations which will help secure data and technical input into the co-creation process.