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8 December 2015

RESIN cities map out their stakeholder environment in Bratislava

All 17 project partners and the RESIN advisory board met in Bratislava on 10-11 November for RESIN’s first Process Management Workshop and for partners to share each work package’s progress to date.

The workshop introduced the project’s four core cities (Bilbao, Bratislava, Manchester and Paris) to the overall structure and essential elements of an adaptation development process and began laying the foundation for involving stakeholders in the process the cities are now beginning to develop. Cities mapped out their local stakeholder landscape, reflecting on the institutions and systems most crucial to their adaptation development decisions.

Each of the four core cities has a unique stakeholder constellation, and it was found that regional and national institutions also play a part in these complex stakeholder networks. RESIN was able to support the city partners in identifying their key stakeholders and how they relate to one another through a collaborative exercise, as well as preparing them for the exercise with materials and a questionnaire before the meeting.

The meeting also served as a launch of the project’s first completed State of the Art reports which are available for download here.

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