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11 October 2017

Interactive training and city knowledge exchange at second Knowledge Transfer Workshop in Paris

The RESIN project will hold its second Knowledge Transfer in Paris from 18th -19th October 2017. At the workshop, Marie Gantois, city of Paris, will share the city's goals, activities and challenges related to climate change adaptation, how the city has been using the RESIN project to address these challenges, and the key outcomes for Paris from participation in the project so far. Miguel González Vara and Susana Ruiz Fernandez, city of Bilbao, will also present and discuss Bilbao’s adaptation context and activities, and how the city is adapting to climate change through RESIN.

The workshop will include interactive training on three of RESIN’s tools: Impact and Vulnerability Analysis of Vital Infrastructures and built-up Areas (IVAVIA), the Adaptation Options Library and the e-Guide. The RESIN project’s IVAVIA tool supports and guides the process of impact and vulnerability analysis for critical infrastructures and built-up areas. The Adaptation Options Library is a searchable archive that hosts the suite of RESIN tools as well as documentation on adaptation measures previously implemented in different cities. The library has a collaborative element where partners and other users can log in to upload or edit content. During the Knowledge Transfer Workshop, cities will be trained on how to use the tool’s features to select and prioritise adaptation options.

The RESIN e-Guide is designed to provide decision support for climate change adaptation planning by city administrators. It provides an overview of the various steps and activities of the urban adaptation process, and provides the practical, user-oriented support to actually perform such an adaptation process. It connects users to the most relevant sources of information and supporting methods available on the web, including providing interfaces for brand-new tools that are being developed by the RESIN partners. It helps users choose the best approaches, methods, tools and information sources for particular situations and particular steps and links with references to evidence-based information. Participants will engage with the e-Guide in a ‘Gallery Walk’, where they walk will along a physical path through the e-Guide’s topical themes and discuss and explore the more pressing and promising issues for them. The cities’ experience and impressions of the tools will be discussed and taken on board to feed into further development and dissemination of the tools.

The RESIN project will hold two Knowledge Transfer Workshops and two Stakeholder Dialogues throughout the project. One workshop per core city (Bratislava, Paris, Greater Manchester and Bilbao) will be organised in close cooperation with the core cities to kick-off the 2-tier group engagement. The 17 Tier 2 cities are: Alba (Italy), Almada (Portugal), Athens (Greece), Burgas (Bulgaria), London (UK), Lahti (Finland), Newcastle (UK), Nijmegen (Netherlands), Padua (Italy), Radom (Poland), Reykjavík (Iceland), Sfântu Gheorghe (Romania), Strasbourg (France), Ghent (Belgium), Vilnius (Lithuania), Warsaw (Poland) and Zadar (Croatia). Crucial local infrastructure stakeholders from the respective core cities will attend the workshops and exchange with their Tier 2 peers.

The first Knowledge Transfer Workshop was held in June in Bratislava. This has already led to exchange and collaboration on the initiative of the cities, as Bratislava visited their Tier 2 equivalents in Reykjavik following the first Knowledge Transfer Workshop. For more information, please see