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30 November 2016

RESIN partners meet to share project tools

All 17 RESIN partners and two advisory board members met in Utrecht, Netherlands from 8th-9th November for RESIN’s fourth General Assembly meeting. The Coordinator opened the meeting and the RESIN team was welcomed by Ronald Albers, head of the Department of Climate Air and Sustainability at TNO. The consortium used the meeting to work intensively on the project tools, which are currently under development, and to share their progress in each topical area.

The project’s coordinating partner TNO led workshops on the project’s key output, the RESIN e-Guide. The e-Guide will combine the project’s tools and will serve as an online tool to support cities in their adaptation decision-making. Development is currently on schedule: an intermediate version is operational and is undergoing constant revision.

Tecnalia shared their experience with developing the library of adaptation options. Developing universal processes and metrics for climate change adaptation, as is found in mitigation, is a particular challenge. Tecnalia is progressing with the harmonization of adaptation options and a well-structured methodology has been defined to harmonize the evaluated performance of adaptation options. A large body of performance data has been collected into a database and the RESIN scientists at Tecnalia are now working on applying the harmonization method.