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14 September 2016

Tier 2 cities join RESIN project's Circle of Sharing and Learning

17 cities have joined the RESIN project to exchange and collaborate with project core cities as well as ICLEI and the project's research and standardisation partners and to benefit from the project's products and tools. These cities will partner up with the core 'Tier 1 cities' according to common characteristics and challenges to work together towards climate change adaptation.

The project's core cities of Bratislava, Bilbao, Greater Manchester and Paris have been working with their RESIN partners since May 2015 on assessing their climate change adaptation needs to deal with climate-related challenges and risks. These cities work closely with their local research partners in a process of co-creation, where they collaborate on developing and piloting the project's products and tools. The Tier 2 cities will benefit from these core cities' sharing their experience of co-creating and testing the tools, and will also participate in targeted workshops and informative webinars.

The Tier 2 cities are:

Alba (Italy)

Almada (Portugal)

Athens (Greece)

Burgas (Bulgaria)

Ghent (Belgium)

Lahti (Finland)

London (UK)

Newcastle (UK)

Nijmegen (Netherlands)

Padova (Italy)

Radom (Poland)

Reykjavik (Iceland)

Sfântu Gheorghe (Romania)

Strasbourg (France)

Vilnius (Lithuania)

Warsaw (Poland)

Zadar (Croatia)