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RESIN Actor Analysis for Urban Climate Adaptation

Methods and Tools in support of Stakeholder Analysis and Involvement



Tara Geerdink; Rene Willems (TNO), Mariska Bottema; Eric Schellekens (Arcadis), Barbara Knapp; Christian Schwingenschloegl (Siemens)






Executive summary

Adaptation to climate change is a complex challenge. It is faced by a great number of uncertainties on trends and impacts, boundary problems and a diversity of stakeholders all with different interests and responsibilities. Planning for successful climate change adaptation strategies requires involvement of many different actors and stakeholders.

Different stages can be distinguished in the adaptation strategy development: understanding the context, what is at stake, what are potential actions to reduce risk and vulnerabilities, how to decide on which actions to implement and execute, and monitoring progress.

Roles and contributions from stakeholders in this planning process will likely differ from one stage to a next one. This report presents an overview of methods and tools in support of a stakeholder analysis for the various steps and stages of preparing for and developing and implementing climate adaptation strategies.

Stakeholder analysis is however only a first step. For a successful strategy development process efforts have to be in place to keep stakeholders actively engaged. Based on RESIN partners experiences, this overview presents some approaches for doing so.

First experiences with these methods and approaches will be sought in the four RESIN city cases. Eventually, and with other products of the project, the RESIN guide will collect and offer these to city planners in general.