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Maddalen Mendizabal, Beñat Abajo, José Antonio Martínez, Laura Gutiérrez, Gemma García, Jorge Paz, Efren Feliu






Aim of the report


This report is intended to presents the criteria for evaluating climate adaptation options. Evaluation criteria of climate adaptation are based on the existing adaptation databases, platforms and libraries, scientific reports and policy documents for climate adaptation. For this end, this study reviews existing evaluation dimensions, concepts, frameworks and criteria. The aim is to define the dimensions and criteria needed for climate adaptation evaluation, to do an exhaustive description and check with some adaptation options their usefulness, suitability, possibility to characterize and potentiality (to be used in the prioritization processes).

More specifically, this study will develop a library/catalog of standard(-ized) adaptation options. It will (1) collect a large sample of adaptation options that have designed or already been implemented at the city level across Europe and worldwide. Then this work will also (2) put forward standard values for characterizing the adaptation options in terms of costs and benefits linked to specific conditions of implementation. Finally, (3) all the information will be organized in the form a library/catalog of adaptation options that will allow benchmarking and classifying such options in a number of relevant dimensions. The first step would therefore consist on the database design and completion.

The library/catalog will be based on a relational model that will include all the key analytical dimensions to be considered for a complete characterization of the adaptation options assessed in RESIN. The database will be designed and implemented following open-source standard tools and protocols for database management (PostgreSQL, MySQL...). This will be done in coordination with WP6, making the database fully compatible and/or implementable into the Decision Support System developed in the RESIN project.

The database of adaptation options will underpin the activities performed within all the other WP of the RESIN project by (1) allowing partners to access the database in all phases of implementation; and (2) by enabling partners to upload information to the database. A data entry form will be designed for this purpose. The database will also be made accessible by city managers, practitioners, and the general public upon registration on the project website. The RESIN project will also ensure that the catalog of adaptation options will remain accessible even after the project implementation phase.

The review process has considered on going and finished projects, researches and initiatives (published reports and papers), existing climate platforms and web sites. The reviewed material covers different levels of adaptation and different sectors.