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RESIN City Assessment Report (1) 



Executive Summary 

In this report, the general and more detailed features of the City of Bilbao are presented to showcase the context in which the local government can and does act in light of current and future climate change impacts. The reader gains insight into the demographic development of the city, its economic state, housing situation and its critical infrastructure characteristics (e.g., water supply, waste disposal, electricity). The information that is currently available – and necessary to understand and deal with the risks the city may be facing – will also be listed. Being aware of this, the reader is introduced to the City of Bilbao’s plans and targets it has set itself to adapt to climate change and protect its critical infrastructure. It will also become clear, which stakeholders are currently involved and can push these issues forward. The city’s political commitment as well as its legal and financial frameworks, which frame the city’s planning activities are explained in detail thereafter. The reader is then presented with the actual measures the city as well as other stakeholders are already implementing. To conclude, the city’s challenges, opportunities and achievements when it comes to adapting to climate change and protecting its critical infrastructure are highlighted. The city’s needs to keep on adapting to climate change and safeguard its critical infrastructure are summarised at the end.

The reader will thus gain a comprehensive understanding of where the City of Bilbao is at currently, where it plans to head to and the context from where it is starting to adapt to climate change and protect its critical infrastructure.