RESIN Resources


Framework for adaptation planning process


Albert Nieuwenhuijs, TNO




Vera Rovers, TNO

Tara Geerdink, TNO

Rene Willems TNO

Oskar Baksalary, ITTI

Jeremy Carter, University of Manchester







Aim of the report


The RESIN project aims to develop standardised approaches for city administrators, the operators of urban infrastructure networks, and related stakeholders to develop their adaptation strategies and to ensure that their decisions do contribute to the resilience of the whole city. These approaches will be combined and organized within a framework. This framework will be offered as a guide (a decision support system) to decision makers as a standardised path for consistent consideration and selection of appropriate and effective adaptation measures, tailored to the particular circumstances of their city.

This report elaborates on the development approach and expected outline, use and form of the framework in which the decision support tooling will be presented to the end-users. To this end, a framework is developed in which all supportive elements to the end users can be placed, and presented.

Eventually, in this framework, the supportive tools, methods and other structures will be referenced; this includes the results from other RESIN WP’s and external sources. Finally, an outline of a work plan is presented to develop and operationalise the framework, in close collaboration with the RESIN city partners.