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RESIN Conceptual Framework


Jeremy Carter and Angela Connelly (UniMan)



Bosch and Vera Rovers (TNO)

Erich Rome (Fraunhofer)

Maddalen Zubeldia Mendizabel (Tecnalia)

Roger Street (UK Climate Impacts Programme)

Pier Vellinga (Wageningen University)

Joachim Nibbe (National Advisory Council for Environmental Protection & Standardisation, Germany)

Birgit Georgi (European Environment Agency)






Aim of the report

This report focuses on the RESIN Conceptual Framework (RCF). It provides an overview of the scope and purpose of the framework, and the collaborative process by which it was developed.

The RCF has been designed to guide and support the RESIN project and the various tasks being undertaken within it. The principal goal of the project is to develop approaches to enhance the resilience of Europe’s cities and urban critical infrastructure to extreme weather and climate change. The RCF underpins RESIN by establishing a context for the project and clarifying the key concepts, and the relationships between them, that the project is developed around.

The RCF comprises two distinct, but interconnected, systems and their processes; the urban system and the adaptation planning system. Experience or awareness of climate risks initiates an adaptation planning process. This process may lead to the development of adaptation actions, and then these actions can be implemented within the urban system to build climate resilience. It is also recognised that, in order to be accepted by a broad range of stakeholder groups and effectively implemented within urban systems, adaptation actions must do more than just build climate resilience. Given the cross cutting nature of climate risks, adaptation actions should also acknowledge and respond to the challenges and potential opportunities faced by urban areas in the twenty-first century.

Five key themes are described within this report which provides further insights into the scope of the RCF and equally the RESIN project itself which the framework has been designed to guide and support. These are:


  1. Urban Systems
  2. Multiple Drivers of Change
  3. Climate Risk
  4. Adaptation Planning
  5. Supporting Adaptation and Resilience


The RCF positions the RESIN project within the field of urban climate change adaptation and resilience. It also clarifies the practical nature of the project, exemplified by the involvement of four case study cities as project partners, and its ultimate aim of building the resilience of European cities to the changing climate.

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