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Baseline Assessment for Greater Manchester

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Stakeholders




Climate change adaptation and critical infrastructure protection are complex technical, policy and delivery challenges involving actions of a large range of stakeholders. And to adapt effectively, stakeholders need to understand relevant climate hazards and impacts and the frameworks within which they and others need to take action to manage related risks. Further, this must be done in a complex landscape of responsibilities and overlapping boundaries (geographic, administrative etc.).

Mapping the climate change adaptation and critical infrastructure community is a critical first step in understanding GM’s stakeholder landscape in this context. It is also essential to understand what action is being taken by those GM stakeholders who’s action are particularly important increasing the resilience of the City Region’s critical infrastructure to climate change. This baseline assessment therefore:

  1. Maps GM’s wider climate change adaptation / resilience stakeholder community;
  2. Identifies a defined sub-set of key stakeholders from this community whose role and activities more closely relate to urban and critical infrastructure protection;
  3. Considers the extent to which the assessment of risk and approaches to manage risk are being actively and positively embedded within the work of these key stakeholders.
  4. Makes a range of conclusions and recommendations around emerging best practice approaches for consideration later in the RESIN project or within GM generally.