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RESIN Complexity and uncertainty

Guidance for including complexity and uncertainty in the RESIN e-Guide Deliverable 6.3 of the RESIN project



Alexander Woestenburg (TNO), Jeremy Carter (University of Manchester), Christian Schwingenschloegl (Siemens)






Executive summary

In their endeavours to increase the climate resilience of cities, urban administrators, planners and decision makers have to deal with considerable uncertainty and complexity. This deliverable aims to break down complexity and uncertainty into understandable definitions and aspects. By doing this it accommodates the process of dealing with uncertainty and complexity in the RESIN project and linking useful methods and instruments to tackle complexity and uncertainty related challenges that arise in the context of adapting and building urban resilience to climate change. This report should be seen as the starting point of addressing the issues of uncertainty and complexity in the RESIN project. It provides city planners in general with an overview of methods and tools they can use to handle complexity and uncertainty, such as scenario planning, adaptive pathway design and adaptive governance. Methods and instruments to address uncertainty and complexity will be part of discussion and application within the RESIN cities. During the course of the RESIN project the user experiences and elaborated user guidelines will be included in the RESIN e-Guide.