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The European Climate Risk Typology offers an innovative way to enhance your understanding of climate risk. Available through an interactive online portal, the typology can visualise, describe, compare and analyse climate risk in European cities and regions. You can access a wide range of indicator data, covering different aspects of climate risk, to support climate change risk assessment and the development of adaptation and resilience strategies. The Typology also helps you to identify other regions with similar risk profiles, as a basis for sharing information on policies and practices, and for developing networks. As such, the Typology is a strategic decision-aid that supports more efficient and effective approaches to assessing and adapting to climate risks in European cities and regions.


  • Description and communication of climate risk: visualise climate risk types and related indicator data
  • Risk assessment: indicator data can inform a climate change risk assessment.
  • Strategy and planning: create a sound basis for an adaptation/resilience strategy, e.g. by identifying key drivers of climate risk to focus on
  • Collaboration: develop city/region networks based on shared climate risk profile.

Access the typology

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